OGC WMS to Geopaparazzi mapurls generator

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After having seen all the problems that the creation of a mapurl for WMS services was causing, we decided to create a small service, that would automatically generate mapurls for Geopaparazzi for known WMS services.

The client in geopaparazzi

For geopaparazzi users everything is transparent, the import view has an entry named: MAPURL

Once you enter that menu, you find the services query view:

Here you can define some filter parameters and start the query.

In the following example case the gps was placed in Italy, so the query returned:

One can then simply download the service, which will install the mapurl inside the system. The user is prompted for a custom name to name the service after, else the original name will be used. Since the original name could be duplicated in different services, the prefix "tanto_" will be added in that case.

Suggest a service

Want to see an open WMS service appearing inside Geopaparazzi? You can suggest us a service to be added. We will be happy to add it. Please use the "Suggest a new WMS" page to do so.


If you experience problems with this service, please open an issue in the tracker.